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River trips are great family events, and children are fascinated with the many things to see and do on a river trip. Watching a dragonfly's flight, splashing in the water, and singing songs all take on a newness. In every way these trips are conceived and conducted with the needs of children--and their folks and grandparents--in mind. Our story telling and wide-eyed exploration of the river environment thrill children and adults alike. The kids spontaneously and enthusiastically respond and give back. We suspect that children named most of the rapids, with fun names like Surprise, Pinball, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Monkey-Do, and Growler.

Exciting, Challenging, Confidence building, Fun, Memorable. A river trip is all of these things for our regular customers, and even more so for kids. The experience of successfully facing the river's rapids helps kids to realize that they can face the challenges that life presents to them.

The moment you embark upon a Trinity River Rafting adventure, you'll understand that safety is our number one priority. We make sure that you'll use only high quality and reliable equipment. Your guides are thoroughly trained in river safety and keep a sharp eye out to ensure that all safety practices are continuously up to standard. All guides, at a minimum, are first aid and CPR certified. You will receive a complete orientation and safety orientation by trained professionals before your trip begins. The safety talk is especially geared for kids.

"What if I forget how to swim?" The ability to swim may increase a child's (or adult's) confidence level, but is not required because their specially fitted lifejacket has plenty of buoyancy to keep them comfortably afloat. On kids trips everyone wears a lifejacket whenever they are on, in, or near the water.

There are small riffles and rapids along the way. Our guides are well versed in the flora and fauna, history, and stories of the area, and quick to point out deer, otters, kingfishers and other life that are common sightings along the way.

River Trips for Kids

Trips for Age 4 and older


Sunny Spritzer Half Day

Big Flat to French Bar, Class II

Junction City to Pigeon Point, Class I


Sunny Spritzer Full Day

French Bar to Cedar Flat, Class II

Douglas City to Junction City, Class I-II

Lewiston to Steel Bridge, Class I


Multi Day

Trinity or Klamath Rivers, Class II

Trips for Age 7 and older


Supersoaker Half Day

Pigeon Point to Big Flat, Class III


Supersoaker Full Day

Pigeon Point to Whites Bar, Class III


Multi Day

Trinity or Klamath Rivers, Class III

Trips for Age 12 and older


Inflatable Kayaks, Class III

Upper Sacramento, Class III+/IV-

South Fork Trinity, Class IV

These are perfect trips for the family where children, grandpa and grandma can come along too. These trips also delight any person that wants a quiet, peaceful raft trip without the fear or intimidation of large waves and rapids. A place to spend some quality time with a chosen few. Picking a handfull of plump, juicy, ripe blackberries adds to the fun. Class II trips have mild rapids, riffles, and pools, and Class I trips have pools and riffles.